Quality UAZ Water pump introduces the anti-vibration measures for water pump installation

After the pump is transported to the installation location, the equipment is hoisted and installed, and it is accurately located on the inertial pedestal of the equipment that has been completed. The strength, coordinates, elevation, size, and bolt hole positions of the foundation concrete in front of the position need to meet the requirements of the detailed design drawing. The anchor bolts should be vertical, tightened, and be in close contact with the equipment base during installation. So how much do you know about the anti-vibration measures installed? Follow the editor of quality UAZ Water pump for a simple understanding!

1. Installation of spring isolators: generally use self-supporting spring shock absorbers, which have the advantages of simple structure and low cost; the spring is exposed to the outside, which is convenient to observe the state of the spring. For springs that need to be replaced, they can be disposed of in advance. When the rust is excessively damaged, the water pump will suddenly settle, causing equipment damage and pipeline tearing. Generally, shock absorber manufacturers need to meet the following requirements when selecting springs. The diameter of the spring should be no less than 0.8 times its height under the rated load; the spring must have some extra stroke to achieve the stability of the shock absorber.
2. Installation of rubber isolators: the choice of rubber isolators: the material is generally compressed rubber shock absorbers, for lighter pumps, shear rubber shock absorbers can be used; compared to spring shock absorbers, The vibration isolation performance of rubber shock absorbers is relatively different.
3. Installing an inert base: In order to meet strict vibration standards, it is undoubtedly a better choice to use a spring isolator when installing an inert base.
The above is the story of the editor of quality UAZ Water pump: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of the installation and anti-vibration measures of the water pump.