Quality UAZ Water pump introduces the solution to the failure of the water pump

Can you solve the problem of the water pump? Today, I followed the editor of Quality UAZ Water pump to have a brief look.
1. The water pump heats up: the reason is that the bearing is damaged, the gap between the rolling bearing or the bracket cover is too small, the pump shaft is bent or the two shafts are not concentric; the tape is too tight; the oil is lacking or the oil quality is not good; the balance hole on the impeller is blocked and the impeller is lost Balance, increase the thrust to one side. Elimination method: replace the bearing; remove the back cover, install a gasket between the bracket and the bearing seat, investigate the pump shaft or adjust the concentricity of the two shafts, and adjust the tightness of the tape appropriately; add clean butter, and the butter will occupy the bearing About 60% of the inner gap; clear the blockage in the balance hole.

2. Insufficient flow. This is because the power speed is not matched or the belt is slipping, so the speed is low, the blade installation angle of the axial flow pump is too small, the head is insufficient, the pipeline is too long or the pipeline has a right-angle bend, the suction lift is high, and the bottom Partial blockage of valves, pipelines and impellers or impeller defects, serious water leakage in the outlet pipe, troubleshooting methods, restore the rated speed, remove belt grease, adjust the belt tightness, adjust the blade angle, reduce the installation position of the pump, shorten the pipeline or change the pipe The curvature of the road; seal the leak of the water pump, and press the packing; remove the blockage, replace the impeller; replace the leakage ring to block the leak.
The above is the editor of Quality UAZ Water pump: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the solution of the water pump failure.