Zetor Water pump tells about the corrosion phenomenon of water pump

Do you know what the corrosion phenomenon of the water pump is? Zetor Water pump editor will take you to a simple understanding.
1. Wear corrosion: refers to a kind of erosion corrosion of the metal surface by high-speed fluid. Fluid erosion wear corrosion is different from the abrasion caused when the medium contains solid particles.
Water pumps will wear during operation, so we should try to use materials with good wear resistance to reduce wear and corrosion. Of course, different materials have different resistance to wear and corrosion.
2. Uniform corrosion: Uniform corrosion refers to uniform chemical corrosion of the entire metal surface when the corrosive liquid contacts the metal surface.
This is the most common type of corrosion, and it is also a less harmful type of corrosion. The measures to prevent uniform corrosion are: take appropriate materials (including non-metallic), and consider sufficient corrosion margin in the design of the pump.
3. Cavitation corrosion: The corrosion caused by the cavitation of the pump is called cavitation corrosion. A practical and easy way to prevent cavitation corrosion is to prevent cavitation from occurring.
Water pump cavitation cannot be prevented, and cavitation will occur more or less during the operation of the water pump. For those pumps that often produce cavitation corrosion, cavitation resistant materials can be used to increase their cavitation resistance.
4. Electrochemical corrosion: Electrochemical corrosion refers to the electrochemical process in which the contact surface of dissimilar metals forms a battery due to the difference in electrode potential between metals, thereby causing the anode metal to corrode.
The measures to prevent electrochemical corrosion, one is to use a sacrificial anode to protect the cathode metal; the other is to use the same metal material for the flow channel of the pump.
The above is the description of Zetor Water pump:A brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the corrosion phenomenon of the water pump.