UAZ Water pump tells about the pump's cavitation phenomenon related knowledge

What is the cause of pump cavitation? Follow the editor of UAZ Water pump for a simple understanding!
The cavitation phenomenon of the pump is caused by the vaporization of water in the pump. The main cause of the cavitation caused by the vaporization of water is related to temperature and pressure. Under a certain pressure, when the temperature rises to a certain value, the water It starts to vaporize and transforms from liquid to vapor; on the contrary, at a certain temperature, after the pressure drops to a certain value, water will also vaporize. This pressure is called the vaporization pressure of water at that temperature. If during the flow process, the pressure in a certain area is equal to or lower than the vaporization pressure corresponding to the water temperature, the water will vaporize at that place, forming many small bubbles mixed by steam and gas. The cavitation phenomenon is due to the fact that when these small bubbles and water flow from the low pressure area of ​​the pump to the high pressure area, the bubbles are broken and collapsed under pressure, and the high pressure water flows to the space occupied by the original bubbles at a very high speed, forming an impact force. . The metal surface of the pump is fatigued and damaged under the action of these impact forces. The phenomenon of cavitation is caused by the difference of air temperature and pressure, which causes the breakage of bubbles to form stamping and the material is damaged. This is called cavitation.
The above is the story of the editor of UAZ Water pump: a brief introduction to the related knowledge of pump cavitation phenomenon.