Domestic development trend of UTB water pump

Automobile UTB water pump is the main component of forced circulation of automobile cooling system and the power source of automobile engine water cooling system. The flow is generally 5-25m per hour ³, The pressure is 100-200kpa and is usually installed directly on the engine. The liquid transported by UTB water pump is generally clean water with antirust agent added. Antifreeze may be added to the water in winter. Now, special antifreeze and antirust fluid is also used. The lowest temperature is about - 40 ℃ and the highest temperature is about 120 ℃. The temperature of UTB water pump changes greatly during operation, and its warranty mileage is generally the same as that of the engine. Therefore, at present, the design of domestic automobile UTB water pump does not pay much attention to efficiency, but pays more attention to service life and reliability.

Due to the large output of automobiles, most automobile UTB water pumps are mass-produced. From the price point of view, the price is basically 100 to hundreds of yuan, and the price is not high. Therefore, domestic automobile UTB water pumps pay more attention to the product cost. Automobile UTB water pump is one of the special applications of centrifugal pump. The use characteristics of automobile UTB water pump make its design and research focus on how to improve its service life and reliability, and the production characteristics make its design and research focus on how to shorten the design cycle and reduce the cost. Therefore, the technology of automotive UTB water pump has made great progress in the standardization and modularization of structure and the application of advanced materials and processes.

The structure of automobile UTB water pump is relatively simple. It is generally composed of gear (or pulley, pulley hub), water pump shaft, bearing, water seal, impeller, water pump housing, water pump volute and screw, O-ring, thermostat, etc. In recent years, an important development trend of automotive UTB water pump technology at home and abroad is towards modularization. In the modular automobile UTB water pump series, only a few parts can form the whole pump series.